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Medical Device

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By Risoluzione2 6 January 2007, N. 11, the Revenue Agency clarified that the costs incurred in the purchase of a sanitary mattress are deductible provided that the mattress has characteristics such as to be included in the list referred to in Ministerial decree of 27 August 1999, no 332 and is therefore "Antidecubitis".

What is meant by an anti-cushion mattress:
According to Dlg 46/97, the anti-cushion mattress is a medical device that is used for the prevention and/or therapy of skin lesions of the body following pathologies that force patients to a long stay in bed in a position of forced stasis. The anti-cubed mattresses are designed to redistribute and discharge the contact pressure exerted by the body on the support surface. As medical devices, the anti-depressor mattresses must intervene effectively on the extrinic causes that determine the skin lesions, guaranteeing:
– The reduction of the contact pressure;
– The reduction of friction forces and stretching forces;
– The dispersion of heat and humidity;
– Maintaining a correct posture.

The consumer who intends to benefit from the deduction must be in possession of the medical prescription or, alternatively, a self-certification attesting the necessity for which the mattress was purchased for therapeutic use.

In addition to the doctor's prescription, the consumer must be in possession of the tax receipt and/or the invoice to which the expense relates.

Moreover, as the sanitary mattresses included in the list of medical devices proposed by Circular No. 20/2011, it is considered that the expenditure document should also include the name of the person claiming the expenditure and that the taxpayer is obliged to Demonstrate that the expenditure relates to medical devices marked with the CE marking.


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