Mattresses Milan

Mattresses Milan

Mattresses in memory

The mattresses Milano, with medical supervision Class 1, are composed of 3 ergonomic layers each shaped for a medium rigid support.
The first layer of high-density ergonomic memory allows for perfect support and acceptance.  Below we have two layers of high density polyatex with differentiated lift for optimum support and a shaping that allows to be used also on motorized networks.

Internal mattress in memory foam model Milan
Double Mattress Milan


Milan mattresses are upholstered in Ultrafresh fabric. This anti-mite treatment helps to reduce or eliminate dust mites that inhabit the bed environment favouring a better night's rest for those suffering from allergies and asthma. The cover is completely removable and washable. The lining is provided with handles to facilitate the movement of the mattress.

Mattress height cm 22.

Mattresses in memory

Mattresses in memory

Obtained with eco-compatible expanded polyurethane.

Katto Container Bed


Products on design or customized, are personalized in finishes and comfort.


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