Skin Maintenance


Ordinary cleaning

With a soft cloth (microfibre type) pass the skin to remove the dust.

Cleaning products

Use only professional products, following the instructions in the package.

Products not to be used

They are absolutely prohibited, for the cleaning of sofas armchairs and furniture upholstered in leather, the products made of solvents or of alcohol. Do not clean your leather sofas with trichloroethylene, acetone, multipurpose sprays, ammonia, bleach and furniture wax.

Positioning sofas and leather beds

The sunlight can dry the skin and fade the color, so take special care in the case of colored sofas. Try to keep the sofas and beds, covered in leather, away even from the heat of radiators or heaters could dry out the skin and create cracks or scratches.

Leather sofas

Made of quality leather, worked and finished in Italy.


Leather for sofas and upholstered beds.


We are at your disposal for any doubts about sofas and beds of our collections.

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