Upholstered beds

The padded beds, also called textile beds, are a great solution for those who want to furnish the bedroom using a specific style that takes up the furniture of the house. The standard production is flanked by the creation of bespoke beds: bespoke containerboxes, bespoke networksizes.

Bed Katto

Covered in eco leather and fabric with anti stain treatment.

Elena Bed

The Elena bed is made with tailored finishes and is available with high end or Slim band.

Gis Bed

Beds made with or without container box, covered with fabric or leather.

Nico Bed

Made of fabric or wood is available in different sizes and finishes.

Just Bed

Bed characterized by innovative ergonomic head.

Beatrice Bed

Modern-line beds, suitable for minimal design environments.

Bed Adelaide

Covered in removable fabric, with contrasting fabric finishes.

Patrizia Bed

The Patrizia bed can be personalized in the tailoring size and finishes of the headboard.

Mil Bed

Bed of modern design available in Light version or quilted.

Victor Bed

Classic-line bed, made of leather or fabric.

Bed Emma

Available in different sizes, with container box or with horizontal riser.

Bed NET with horizontal riser

Bed mechanisms

A good mechanism is needed to produce a good bed. For this reason we use certified and guaranteed mechanisms.


For a better rest we offer quality mattresses, made in Italy, guaranteed and certified.

Orthopedic Nets

Orthopaical nets available with wooden slats, with manual or electric movement.

The textile beds, also called padded beds, have a variety of shapes, colours and coating materials. In addition to the basic structures, with exposed feet, the choice of the textile bed can move towards the type of bed raised container. In any case, the lines of the bed can be round, irregular or minimal. The headboard becomes a decorative element compared to the wall and other furniture elements. 


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