Milton Sofa Bed

Milton sofa

Sofa bed

The Milton sofa has a large mattress and a soft cushion. In the version with 2 ° extractable bed, it can become, flanking the nets, a double bed. Available in the version with base plate with electro welded mesh or with steam bent beech slats. The cover of the Milton sofa bed is completely removable.

Production: Abiesse 1970


Single sofa bed cm: L. 210 x D. 90/120 x H 85-Mattress cm: L. 85 x P. 195 x H. 12 or H. 20

Second extractable bed cm: L. 190 x P. 83 x H. 30/69-Mattress cm: L. 80 x P. 90 x H. 12

Seat height: cm 45.

Available to measure.


Network plan available with electro welded mesh or with multilayer beech slats. Supporting frame with inclined seat for greater comfort. Opening of the 2nd bed, by means of the handle-headboard with pantograph movement. Also available in the Container-box version. Mechanism: Rima Lampolet-Warranty 3 years. Backrest cushions in polyurethane covered with thermo-bonded flap. Bearings made of soft silicone acrylic flap covered with protective fabric.

Mattresses available in the version: Polyurethane foam covered with protective fabric, polyurethane foam HT35 with Luxury coating, polyurethane foam + Memory. Mesh cover Save mattress in polyurethane foam coupled with protective fabric.


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