Sofa beds

Sofas and armchairs bed

Sofa Beds for everyday use

Until a few years ago, the choice of a sofa bed was based on occasional parameters of use.  Today the sofa beds are made with mechanisms and mattresses suitable for everyday use, combining a look of great impact and practicality of use. 

Sofa bed Monza

Sofa beds characterised by the relax mechanism of the backrest.

DIvano Bed Milan

Milan sofa bed, with essential lines, suitable for the modern style of the house.

Sofa bed Moscow

Sofa bed that with a simple rotating movement turns into a comfortable single bed.

Bed Dormeuse Tunis

Divano dalle linee morbide ed accoglienti,  corredato da soffici cuscini.

Sofa bed Bergamo

The pine wood used for these sofas makes the environment around them more welcoming.

Bunk Bed

Thanks to the special mechanism, the sofa Voghera, can be transformed from sofa to sofa to 3 beds.

Milton Sofa Bed

Sofa bed with 2 ° extractable bed, which can be transformed into a comfortable double bed.

Lugano Sofa Bed

Rustic sofa bed, with a view structure made of Swedish pine wood.

Bed and settee

Sofa bed With Mattress height 18 cm. Backrest with recliner movement.

Sofa bed Lisbon

Divano che coniuga il rigore delle linee moderne con il calore del legno. 

Sofa bed Sondrio

Rustic sofa bed, with a view structure made of Swedish pine wood.

Sofa bed Verona

Sofa bed With Mattress height 21 cm. Available in the Soft and Up version.

Sofa bed mechanism with electric opening

Mechanisms Sofa bed

For the realization of our sofas and armchairs bed we use guaranteed and certified mechanisms.


At our office we have a wide assortment of fabric collections, eco skins and skins.

Sofa beds in quick delivery 

For the following models of sofa beds, made in standard sizes, we can guarantee delivery in 2 weeks.


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To purchase the sofa bed is essential to check the comfort of use in relation to the use that should be done. The sofa can be used in the living room to give life to an occasional guest bedroom or in a studio as an item of daily use by night sofa bed. In This case it is better to opt for sofas with quality mattresses with sufficient thickness (usually at least 14 cm).
To save space and time, some models allow you to remove the bed without having to remove all the cushions of the seat and to close the bed "done". The practicality of use is in fact another important feature to evaluate. The opening and closing mechanism must be simple, fluid and must not require the use of excessive force.
For the dimensions, it must be immediately verified that in the room there is space for the opening and the space necessary to facilitate the renovation of the bed. In front, any furnishing elements, such as small tables or armchairs, it is good that they are light and easy to move; In this case it might be useful to have models on wheels.
Different finally the mechanisms of opening: classic (The bed, closed in three parts, is extracted from the seat), accordion (the bed bends in three parts of which one remains vertical to make the back to the couch, the other two form the seat), to book (The bed is formed D To the seat and backrest aligned horizontally by a system of bascule) and drawer (the bed comes out from under the seat).

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