Furniture cushions

Very useful to beautify your sofa or your bed, creating a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere. Manufactured in various standard sizes, they can also be made to measure and with tailored finishes. 

Standard dimensions: cm L. 60 x H. 60, L. 50 x H. 50, L. 45 x 45, L. 60 x H. 30.


Puof made in different shapes, can have a modern and minimal design, or classic lines.


At our exhibition we have a wide assortment of fabrics and skins collections.


We are at your disposal for any doubts about sofas and beds of our collections.

Furniture cushions

Soft to no end, made in different shapes and sizes, the cushions are the essential decorative accessory to give an extra touch or beautify your couch. There are many characteristics that distinguish one cushion from another. The shape can be rectangular, square, round or made on drawing. The coatings can be in solid colour, geometric, with floral motifs or with various types of writing. For their realization you can use natural fabrics, synthetic with anti-stain and water repellent treatments, or in imitation leather or leather. The padding is made with soft synthetic fibre or feather. For outdoor pillows We recommend the synthetic fibre padding.

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