Tailor-made sofas and beds.

Personalized with tailor-tailored finishes and comfort.


To the standard production of textile beds we flank the production on measure or on design. 


At our office we have a wide assortment of fabrics and skins collections.

Upholstery Service

The experience gained, in more than 40 years of artisan production, allows us to propose a upholstery service.


We produce indoor curtains to furnish your spaces, living and offices.


Made in different shapes, they can have a minimal design, or classic lines.


For a better rest we offer quality mattresses, made in Italy. Guaranteed and certified.


The promotions on sofas, beds and mattresses allow you to buy products at discounted prices. 

Mobile Bonuses

For those who restructure their property can in fact take advantage for one year an IRPEF deduction of 50%.

Outlet Sofas and beds

Sofas, armchairs and beds sold at outlet prices, with discounts from 30% to 70%.


The bioclimatic pergola adapts to any external space.

Retailer Rosini Divani

At our headquarters in Seregno, a few minutes from Monza, Milan, Como and Lecco you can buy the sofas and armchairs of Rosini Divani.

Stilfar Beds Italy

Abiesse 1970 is dealer of the beds and all the production Stilfar Italy. 


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Sofas and armchairs

Its presence of a sofa inside a house or dwelling plays an important role as it makes the environment more welcoming. When buying a living room it is important to take into account both the model and the color, but especially where it will be placed. If you want to create a relaxation area, the presence of a linear two- or three-seater sofa, or with peninsula, placed in front of the appliance is crucial. The sofa does not have to rest the back on the wall. In the open spaces it is preferable to place it in the middle of the room and if the space allows, you can opt for an angular version, perfect for furnishing the living room. In this case the sofa can also become a dividing element. The conversation area can be enhanced by the presence of a sofa that stretches with a chaise longue element arranged in order to take advantage of an existing angle or the preference can fall on an easy-to-use and reliable sofa bed.

Sofas: Types and sizes

The important aspects in the choice of the sofa are: size, shape and lining.  The sofas are able to make a distinctive note in every living space. The corner sofa is a classic present in many dwellings. It uses space optimally and allows you to comfortably lie down. The sofa beds are extremely adaptable. During the day they offer the practicality of a comfortable seat while at night they become a comfortable place to sleep. For those who do not have a guest room, with a sofa bed you can accommodate the invitee in the living room.


The sofa for the living area must be very durable, with the washable shimably removable coating fabric. There are, however, many different coatings, such as microfiber, technical fabrics, eco-leather, leather and leather. Generally located in the corner of the living room can be completed with two coordinated armchairs, which allow you to optimize the space. The living room for the living room must be designed and built for intensive use, with a very solid and durable structure. The backless ottoman is usually low and has no armrests, so it is not suitable for sitting but works as a decorative complement that gives freshness to the rooms. There are also sofas with pillows that also act as backs that can be placed freely, allowing you to sit or lie down in any position. The chaise longues are a combination of seating and bed that involves a higher headboard with missing back seat.

Sofa beds

The sofa bed, located in the living room, can be used to make an occasional bedroom for guests. This type of sofa can have a double function : sofa by day and turn into bed for the night. In the case of daily use it is better to opt for sofas with quality mattresses, with thickness of 14/17 cm. Made of high-density polyurethane or memory, they are coated with anallergic fabrics, in an unremovable and unremovable version.

The practicality of opening and closing the sofa bed is an important feature to be assessed. Some models allow to remove the bed without having to remove all the cushions of the seat and back and to close the bed "done". The opening and closing movement must be simple, fluid and should not require the use of excessive force.

As for the size of the couch it is immediately verified that in the room there is space for the opening and space necessary to facilitate the renovation of the bed. If there are any furnishing elements, such as tables or armchairs, it is good that they are light and easy to move; In this case it might be useful to have models on wheels.

There are different types of opening mechanisms: classical where the bed closed in three parts, is extracted from the seat, to accordion with the bed that bends in three parts of which one remains vertical to make the backrest to the sofa, the other two form the seat , or by book, in this case the bed is formed by the seat and the backrest aligned horizontally by a system of bascule, and the bed comes out from under the seat. The corner sofa beds must be positioned so that you can open the bed comfortably.


The bed is the main component of the bedroom, the place to rest and regain strength to face the next day. The choice of a bed and quality mattress is a guarantee of good health. Available in different sizes are composed of different parts: from a base that can be fixed or with container box, padded headboard and finally mesh and mattress.


The quality of sleep and wellbeing depends in part on the mattress on which we rest, which must be ergonomic and comply with the line of body structure, rigid for people who are sturdy and soft for others. The new generation mattresses have a structure composed of differentiated zones to offer different supports according to the parts of the body. There are mattresses and mattresses, are distinguished by type and quality. The most traditional quality spring mattress is composed of a central core composed of high-quantity springs, which support the body and an external support in high density foam. The latex mattress is produced with a natural substance extracted from the Hevea plant that mixed with other substances gives life to latex rubber. The polyurethane foam mattresses are made of polymeric foamed materials and are realized in different open or closed cell densities. They are non-deformable, flexible and insulating mattresses, therefore suitable for cool or cold climates. The newest mattresses, made of viscoelastic foam, generally known as memory, are able to self model under the weight of the body, gradually absorb and redistribute the weight of the body, reduce the pressure points between body and mattress.

Orthopedic Nets

The choice of the network is very important to rest, because a good mattress is useless without a good network that supports it. On the market there are various types of networks, suitable for any kind of need. Among the most used are the dynamic networks that can be operated mechanically or with remote control. In the most advanced models from the technological point of view the command is wireless.

Abiesse 1970 is a reseller of:

Rosini sofas, Stilfar Italia beds and sofas, Simam mattresses, Alcantara, Aquaclean, Cuoium, Lealpell.

Quick delivery Sofas

For the following models of sofa beds, made in standard sizes, we can guarantee delivery in 2 weeks.


All our sofas and all our armchairs are guaranteed 20 years on the internal structure, 3 years on padding, mechanisms and coatings.


Made entirely by hand, with selected materials, to guarantee comfort and durability.

Relax chairs

Armchairs are equipped with the most advanced systems to ensure relaxation, comfort and well-being.

Office Chairs

Wide range of armchairs and chairs for office and meeting rooms.

Relaxation Sofas With bed

Sofas with electric relax movement with bed.

Leather sofas

Handmade leather sofas For those who want to create an elegant and durable environment.

Rustic Sofas

Made of solid wood of Swedish pine or ash, lime or iroko wood.

Corner sofas

We create corner sofas with special shapes made according to the needs of the customer.

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